Why are we called MEKİN ?
In the grand dictionary of Türk Dil Kurumu, the word “MEKİN” stands for “a person who possesses poise
and seriousness” and according to one of the greatest sources for Turkish Law, Mecelle, it is a crucial
quality that judges, lawyers and legists must possess. 1792th statue of Mecelle states: ” A judge must be;
learned, intelligent, righteous, trustworthy, well-advised and resolute.”*
In order to apply justice, lawyers, the helpers of the judges and a substantive element of the court, surely
must be “MEKİN” just like the judges.
*For detailed information you can check out the article of Prof. Dr. Mustafa Avcı“MECELLE’YE GÖRE
HÂKİMİN NİTELİKLERİ VE YARGILAMA ETİĞİ” which is published in the Türkiye Adalet
Akademisi Dergisi (TAAD, Year:7, No:27, July-2016)